Let me tell you a little about us…

We’re a new company, with a unique concept.

We believe that our rides are an extension of who we are, and how we feel..
Our products become an expression of our creativity or simply, a cool gadget that makes us smile on the way to work..
A conversation starter, a new look or even a small change in everyday routine.

So the real question here is:

Are you looking for those extra hrrrssprrrrsss?!

Our high-quality full CARBON interior kits are sure make you feel those ludicrous speeds!

Tired of going through your boring day on Auto-Pilot?

Customize your ride and create something truly UNIQUE.

Interested in becoming the envy of your EV crew?

Stand out from the crowd with custom interior and exterior packages brought to you by Ludicrous Mods.

Whatever the reason for landing here, we hope you enjoy yourselves!

Looking forward to your amazing experience with our products!
We appreciate your business,

Thank You
-Ludicrous Mods

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